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Alon Razgour's approach is both ingenious and impressive. He challenges the limitations of shape, form and technology head on, reaching new dimensions with designs that complement and enhance the materials’ natural properties.

Many of his innovative, extraordinary designs actually "invite" interaction, giving people the opportunity to express themselves by changing the product’s shape or positioning. The line of vases made out of extrusions, translates the feeling of ONE-OFF.

A product that enjoys the look of a hand made craft, but was developed totally in the industrial world. The vases are based on soft and flexible lines in a new shape of profile.



My philosophy as a designer is always to search for materials and technologies that exist, and transform them to a new function and new products. I like to research and explore the limits of the technology and material and come up with new concepts and innovative designs.

The new line of products (vases, lamps, candle sticks, Judaica, furniture and more) are based on a familiar material with familiar shape, but changed in our hands to something new.

Making something new out of the ordinary, technologies and materials, is challenging me in general and particularly in this project. The final results look like ONE-OFF in a mould.

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